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The name Access Computers now has 20 years of experience packed into a new name. The name “Access” is the strong ability to open or progress which is our intent to portray the movement of our operation. Forward and up … without access there is no ability to progress.


We work with every kind of client and our goal is to produce a high quality product that will keep your business running productively and efficiently for years to come. We utilize the most up to date technologies and virtualization which has enabled our clients to reduce their IT maintenance and operating costs.


Our clients are our success and helping Access your companies potential is what our employees strive to do.


Our Boss

Mick Guymon moved to South Florida from Salt Lake City, Utah. He started working with a small IT services company on the ground floor and worked his way up through the years to finish up as an executive level Manager of Operations. Once the company owner retired Mick opened his own IT services company in the form of Access Computers Inc. and brought over the very same top notch team with world class experience to represent this new brand of IT solutions dedicated to the same type of quality service and solutions that his clients were always accustom to. Because the previous company was in business for so many years the wealth of knowledge and the experience our team received just by being a part of it, was the catalyst for Access Computers Inc. to open up in 2012 and start with a bright future

  • Mick Guymon

    President / CEO


Our Team

Our team has been in the industry for over 20 years and here in South Florida for over 10. We are a fully staffed professional team of junior and senior network engineers to support any IT environment — from individual needs to small business requirements and the demands of large firms. Access computers also offers a variety of services to include nationwide technical support utilizing our trusted network of engineers.

  • Team ACCESS


Top Reasons to Choose to be Structured

  • You will love working with our team

    Ask our clients … no geek speak, no condescending tone, professional and responsive.

  • We focus on Your Growth and Efficiency

    You have a dedicated executive and team who makes sure that you have the best, most strategic technology advice so you can continue to grow.

  • We promise holistic business continuity solutions

    Backup is important, but Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are as well. Your time is precious, so is your clients’. Should anything causes downtime, we want to get you back up and running ASAP.

  • We become your IT department

    From daily support to strategic consulting, our teams are dedicated to your peace-of-mind, at half the cost of a full-time IT staff person. Come to us for all your IT needs – we are your one-stop-shop.

  • We support the modern-day work

    We help your team adapt to any environment … remote workforce, multiple devices, cloud computing. We embrace everything and have a lot of good ideas on how to bolster productivity.

  • We tackle issues before they arise

    With truly proactive, 24/7 monitoring tools, we tackle issues before they create. We also install anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware in all workstations and servers.

  • We manage 3rd party vendor relationships

    We do it all so you don’t have to. This means software patch management as well as hardware support, VoIP, etc. Everything.

  • Our tools are top-notch

    Configured to improve monitoring and issue resolution so our team can efficiently take care of yours.


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